Ears for Fears: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Ronbo (not to be confused with Dumbo),

I have to wonder about the lopping off of the High Priest's servant's ear by Peter and it's restoration by Jesus in the Gethsemane scene. Surely, some royal scam from the past must be alluded to (or parodied) in that passage!

... step right up folks, see a man's ear sliced off and put right back on again before your very eyes.

Apparently they also had other cosmetic tricks up their sleeves and even in their loin cloths in those days. I seem to remember reading that circumcised Jews could attach a prosthetic foreskin allowing them to blend in with the Hellenizers at the gymnasium! Or maybe it was the other way around, that is, there was some way for an uncircumcised male to appear to be circumcised. Bare necessity is the mother of all invention.