Cyrus the Great
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I have always thought something was just "not right" with all this. Even as a child in school. I just knew.

Thank you elreb for making it clear.

I do believe most if not all of what he posted.

Many others do and they do not know why and some finally distrust their feelings about it. I am happy that you kept on and dug into it. Of course it takes more than racial memory etc it takes scholarly ability and you have it.

So enjoyed and feel more a peace than ever.

How wonderful to keep finding truth.

When a child the Aswan dam was being built and they collected change at school to send to move the statues.
I sent a bit. So I had some involvement in it.

I am 66 now and still learning.
Thank you thank you. So exciting a time.
Go well, Rea Scott

Fayetteville, Arkansas
I am very hard to impress but elreb has impressed me.

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