Re: Out of Egypt, Out of Judea, Out of Iberia

El Carlo's,

This response is directed to the last two posts.

From a Christian site entitled "alcoholism"

"I cite Pliny again, a Roman author of the time of Christ, in his "Natural History" says that mixing wine with water was practiced in Homerís day (Book 14, chapter 6) and that in his own day the Greek wines (sold in Rome) contained a portion of water. (Book 14, chapter 23) This dilution was especially common in using grape vinegar. The acid drink was diluted so as to have a mild tartness like our soft drinks and used as the every-day drink of the Roman soldiers. This drink was called "posca." It was, of course, non-alcoholic and was what Christ received from the soldiers who crucified Him. (John 19:30) You may notice that He rejected the wine. (Mark 15:23)"

Here we see that somepeople consider that Christ was offered only a non-alcoholic grape juice. I, however, consider he was either offered alcoholic wine or wine which included other drugs!

As regards Suetonius, who was thought to be a Greek poet!;*.html

Certainly a Greek poet might well have written in Greek? If so, then his works were copied into Latin. In Greek, therefor, he would not have written the word Spain or Hispania, etc. He would have used the word Iberia! Please take the time to look up these words Spain, Hispania, Iberia and Iberian etc.) and the etymology of each?

After doing the above, you might well recognize that there existed at least two Iberia's or Iberians! Iberia, might well only mean an area on the end of or containing a part of or the whole of a peninsula?

So, could not Spain be a mistake for the Caucasus? And if not there, then some other peninsular city state?

I offer you;

Could not even the word Iberia was misconscrued? or mistaken? What if isthmus was more correct? Would not the Caucausus be more of a peninsula? Well, yes of course it is sometimes even referred to as the Iberian Peninsula!

Oh well, just some musings!