Out of Egypt, Out of Judea, Out of Iberia

Hi CW,

I'm still recovering from the shock of learning that the Hasmonean line was a branch of the Ptolemies and that Julius Caesar was known in Judea as the Hasmonean king Alexander II while Octavius/Augustus was known as Antigonus II. This insight makes the Star Prophesy "fulfilled" by Vespatian less of a kluge in that Vespatian (Drusus son of Germanicus) was also of the same family previously called Hasmoneans.

The shift in origin of emperors to Spain seems to have required a similar prophesy, although Trajan was every bit as "Hasmonean" as any of his predecessors. The only difference being that as times changed so did the importance of various localities. Egypt decreased so that Judea might increase. Then Judea was decreased in favor of Iberia, and so on.

Chuck de la Mancha