Re: The "Spear" in Alexander's Side

Thanx for the kind words CP.

I'm still a little slow on the end game here but I am seeing more of the form. The following is from Suetonius, _12 Caesar's_, "Galba":

"For he [Galba] had intercepted despatches ordering his own death, which had been secretly sent by Nero to his agents. He was encouraged too, in addition to most favourable auspices and omens, by the prediction of a young girl of high birth, and the more so because the priest of Jupiter at Clunia, directed by a dream, had found in the inner shrine of his temple the very same prediction, likewise spoken by an inspired girl two hundred years before. And the purport of the verses was that one day there would come forth from Spain the ruler and lord of the world."

Now, most of the heat we've heard about of late has been the "Star Prophecy", which forecast a world ruler coming from Judaea and that ruler was not from the Temple or the Jews but was Vespasian and then Titus.

Taking this as something a little more than just history, it appears, then, that there is some written work that is trying to "Unify" the succession. And that is your domain, Mr. Pope.

This would imply that our Greek/Aramaic/Latin savvy author of the Gospels wants the whole package to appear as the "Russian Ruler Doll" children's toy, with one doll inside the largest and latest doll, with the previous one inside of it, etc., going back to Lenin.

This would mean that the intention IS to have Jesus represent all three of the "pretender emperors", Galba, Otho and Vitellius.

Galba is seen in GJohn, Otho has two swords and falls on it after his last night's sleep and Vitellius is given Posca on a Hyssop stick with a sponge on it, referencing his well known escapades with Asiaticus. "It is finished!" - that is, the Roman Civil War. Meanwhile, back at the Temple, Titus is spending three days in celebration with his generals.

Galba may have had a chance - hence, his prophetic passages. Otho and Vitellius are seen as two robbers and it takes the form of statues of horses with Otho having their legs break spontaneously, if memory serves here.

But it takes Vespasian to reestablish the godly line of ingression into rulership and Titus is at the ready.

And where is Agrippa 2 in all of this? But...that's your domain.

Thanx again for the ref.
We are closer and closer.

Charles Wilson

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