The Passion of Alexander

Sacred art is related to sacred architecture and sacred literature. Certainly we should expect that it received much the same attention, although canvass as a medium developed somewhat later. Laurence Gardner published a short article recently that was featured over at The Daily Grail:

Gardner states that The Da Vinci Code does not begin to do justice to the use of art as a means of encoding historical knowledge.

There was a related discussion over at Caesar's Messiah that I participated in, but can't find it now. It involved another Renaissance painting of the Last Supper.

Having said that, I don't want to make too much of this particular topic right now. Consider it a teaser. After we get through the Persian material, then we'll deal with Alexander and his death, and the parallels with the Gospel account of Jesus' death.

Also, Ron, please no more mention of Fomenko and Medieval parallels. I'm not interested in dealing with Medieval history at all at this time.

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