Re: Alexander the Great and Jesus
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And, Jesus was offered the "Hyssop" via a "stick!" So, just what is the / a Hyssop?

So, after reading the above just what denoted a "Hyssop Stick?", was it a spear or lance upon the which the drug was lifted unto the mouth of the near deceased?

If so, then why do not we realize that in the Middle Ages, there existed the legend of the "blind Roman Centurion, who lifted the sponge to the mouth of the "chosen" to releave the pain? And, in what seems an entire page of discussion, did the "Lance" of this Blind Centurion pierce the breast or abdomen of the "chosen" causing his / her death or at least proving he / she was dead? See; Longinus? (also note the Persian with the same man>)

It seems that painting of the middle ages and later, had a better undersanding of the past than do we?