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El Charo or excuse me El Carlo or Carloman!

Of course genitalia are not mentioned, she or rather the mummy had none as expected! After all, the mummy was obviously a female! I'd also guess that pelvic measurements were not involved, since no one especially that madman Hawass, already knew that the mummies were female!

The gender problem fortunately or un-fortunately has existed for as long as there has been history. The Biblical adage "first a female has to become a male, etc.", and other clues (they are legion) indicate that within the Hebrew world, whatever that was, there did, it appear, to be an origin with a period of female domination of those people, and a revolution of the men! In other words, it was a matriarchal society, and so were the so called Arabs!

By the way, have you ever noticed that in every histo-graphic map of the ancient world the mass of Arabia is never under the control of a foreign power? Why?

"But, seriously folks, take my wife? Please?" cough! There does exist a lot of clues that neutered men or women? might have had an edge in the past? Of course, in the past,it was much easier to neuter a man than a woman. But, nontheless the practice of female circumcism exists even today in parts of the world (Africa! and Arabia! I think?) But I do not want to be called uncaring!

History is full of them, but sometimes you have to look above or below the words? Certainly in the Byzantine world they had great advantages, and quite possibly during the Ottoman / Osman or Osmani / Othoman world! Of course I believe that the word Byzantine rally means nothing more or less than our word Biz(z)ar(n)-tine!

Certainly Narses fulfills the bill? As possiblly does Julius (ilius) Caesar?, amongst dozens of others within the so called Roman (Rum?) Empires! Quite likely Alexander and his Persian Boy was but another example of either sexual neutering or homosexuality?

Oh well, enough of this rant!


El Rondo

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