The Long Hair of Hatshepsut
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I don't equate Hatshepsut with the Queen of Sheba. (Wasn't that Velikovsky?)

Hatshepsut is is Absalom in my model. See:

Chapter 14: "Brave Among Men"

Absalom was more noted for the hair on his (i.e., her) handsome head. I can't help but point out that so is the newly identified mummy of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, which would have been supplemented by a false beard on her chiny-chin-chin. Quoting from the article by Meredith Small:

"Hatshepsut also suffered from what all women over 40 needa stylist. She was balding in front but let the hair on the back of her head to grow really long, like an aging female Dead Head with alopecia."

There was no discussion of the genitalia of Hatshepsut, nor has there been of the mummy thought to be Queen Tiye to my knowledge. It is possible that hermaphroditism was relatively common among ancient royalty, but so far there is no proof. Yet, surely there were significant "gender issues", as evidenced by what we know of Hatshepsut from archeaology and from the Biblical account of Absalom.

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