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Charles, while I don't necessarily know where you are going here, the subject title tends to lead me to something about which I have conjectured. This is the fact that the stories of both Hatshepsut and Absalom are not what they appear upon a first or second reading. Thus, from a non-Biblical source are remarks that say that Soloman allowed Hatshepsut to stand over a feflecting surface where he was able to look up her gown, and remarked about her "hairy legs!" Her own likeness wearing a beard, and showing other male qualities indicate her cross dressing propensities.

Absalom, on the other hand presents the reader with similar problems. He is described as "very beautiful" or words to that effect, and is known to have long beautiful hair. And, he does not possess obvious manly qualities. In the end, it is his long hair that gets him killed! (tangled in tree limbs, etc.)

During the time of the old papacy, there has long existed the rumor of a female pope named Joan! Differing stories about this pope exist or did exist. One even stated that she gave birth on the streets of Rome, in full view of the public. Giving birth before the people is an act that is considered as real within a matriarcal society, where the new leader is directly linked to the royal mother during childbirth, with the identity of the father being a relatively minor factor. Some writers even mention the famous Papal Seat, which was a chair with a hole in the bottom. It is speculated that persons in position to become the pope were seated upon this chair which was placed over a hole in the floor, so others could see if he had manly appendages, and was not, like Joan, a cross dresser.

There also exists information or speculation that a leader who was to be both the king and the religious leader of a people was sexually mutilated, or rather neutered, emasulated, etc. It is possibly from this custom or rule that so many kings, caesars, etc., did not father children but adopted them! So, it may have been with Absalom?

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