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Absolutely straight on there Charles in your last post. You are for certain clear on the main structure.

I think I need to post a website that some of you "mathematical" types could find helpfull and it could help with the understanding of the philosophical structures (dualities, trinitys, ,cardinal points etc.) Remember, we all know the pyramid structure had some role. Most often a shaft is mentioned. I guess I'm talking more about science here than history so sorry Charles if this kind of stuff isnt too important to you (I'm sure you don't mind);

Also, mixed into philosophy and history is some quantum math so why not link this great article on Chaos Theory featuring the mathematical "star of David" pattern called a Koch curve;

Bill Donahue of and the Jesus888 website are great to read that I wanted to mention.

And how about a shout out to Richard Hoaglund and his sharp eye for the truth!