Jesus, John, and the Crusades
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Pretty good recap of my research Ron!

The exceptions would be the fatherhood of Herod Timothy and the identity of Tamar.

I presently leave it open regarding whether or not John the Baptist (Philip II) sired a son by Mary Magdalene (Salome) before his Osiris-style execution. It is very possible that he did, and it might even explain the continued reverence for John. For example, was John the male ancestor of Trajan and/or Hadrian? It might even explain the need for Knights Templars and Hospitalers during the Crusades. Perhaps one group was primarily the "protectors" of the royal male line of Jesus and the other of John's remaining reigning heirs.

The punch line of the Nerva = Josephus (son of Jesus) association is that the royal line of Jesus turns out to be the dominant one of Europe at the time of the Crusades! Of course, Saladin may very well have been a descendant of Jesus or John, too.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!

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