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Mel and all,

According to the research of Charles Pope, the Roman name of Aristobulus was Marcus Crassus Frugi, and that makes sense to me as his family was known to be among the Frugi clan. As for Josephus being Nerva and also thre same person as Agrippa Josephes, son of Ari and Salome, this also lines up well. In my soon-to-be published book, Josephes takes Justus to Europe two times, and though I initially thought they were cousins, everything falls into place more neatly with them as brothers.

As for Herod Timothy, Grail legend indicates two sons of Jesus and Mary Magdelene, likely meaning Josephus and Justus, with Herod Timothy possibly being a son of Salome's first husband Philip Jahn II (John the Baptist), though he was raised by Ari and Sal as one of their own. In essence, Jesus may have been stepdad to Timothy, in the same manner as Herod Joseph of Chalcis was stepdad to himself. Timothy may have died while working for the Way, and never made it to Emperor.

Back to my original summary, stating that the two most crucial recent revelations were Josephus being aligned with bothe Nerva and Josephes, and Simon Peter being the same as Pater Shimon Galaliel, i would like to add a thrid crucial development, growing out of the former breakthrough. If Josephus as son of Jesus is correct, then as Charles has pointed out, Josephus states that his father was Mathias, so this becomes another name for Jesus. In my book there is a character called Mathias Levi Antipater, and I will leave him as a separate character, but I can't help believing now that he is likely a divine "royal twin", and his replacing the crucial Judas in the Apostles means that either way (the Twelve and their leader, Jesus, or Thirteen Apostles in total) you look at it, the 13th is the Anointed One.

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