Intro:I like your site

Hi, I occasionally pop by and read your stuff and I wanted to let you know that I love the input that you Charles and your forum visitors contribute to here.

I may not even make another post, it depends on whether I find sufficient room to relay my daily thoughts on another forum. I just wanted to stop by here and tell you I have read much of your online book and I completely admire some of Charles in-depth topics and ideas. I'm very impressed with so much of your information that I have actually linked to it many times on the other forum.

Unfortunately, after two years of an abusive moderator (aswell as Rons daily ***ching) at the New Chronology forum, I felt like coming here and acknowledging that atleast your site comprises mature moderation and readers.

The situation at the other forum (that you know of already thanks to Ron) has become quite rediculous and I'll even leave a couple links to give you an idea;

Anyways, glad to see that mature conversations still occur on the internet and this website has a plethora of wonderfull topics to discuss.

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