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"Name: DMS Date: 02/27/07 15:12

A: I am a genealogist. My take on "The Christ Family" can be found here:

My- research on The Magdalene is as follows:

She was the daughter of Herodias, Jewish Princess, daughter of Aristobulos IV; executed 7 BC, son of Herod I, Edomite; King of Judea; "The Great" (d.4 BC).

Her real name was Salome III (of the famous Veil Dance).

She was first with/married Herod-Philip II (John the Baptist); beheaded 34 AD).

She was second with Aristobulos III (Jesus), Lord; King of Chalcis; "The Christ"

She had one son by Herod-Philip II: Herod Timothy; "The Herodian".

She had three children by Aristobulos III :

Tamar (Phoebe) who married a Paul;
Aristobulos IV; "Jesus Justus";
Agrippa (Josephes); Nazarite Bishop of Saras (Gaza); "The Rama-Theo"; "The Grail Child"

Mariamne was not The Magdalene. When you say Mariamne, you speak of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Her mother was Olympias (Joanna/Anna); "St. Anne".

Her father was Joseph Ben Elim of Sepphoris; (Heli/Eli/Ellemus/Ailem/Illem/Ulam/Joachim), High Priest; "ho tekton",
grandson of Antipater II, King of Judea; "The Idumaean".

Mariamne IV (Mary), Princess, was with/married to 3 men.

First was with Herod-Archelaus (Zebulun/Zebedee), Ethnarch of Judea.
Second to cousin Antipater III (Gabriel); the union which produced Jesus.
Third to cousin Herod III (Joseph) of Chalcis."

Interesting family tree is it not?


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