Recent Revelations Summary *LINK*

Charles, I know you are tring to spend some time away from the forum, but if you do drop in, maybe drop a line or two to provide insight into the most enlightening recent discoveries.

To me, these are the two most crucial things we have learned recently:

A) Shimon ben Gamaliel (son of Gamaliel the Elder) is one and the same as Simon Peter (eg. Pater Shimon)

B) Josephus the historian is one and the same as Josephes Agrippa, son of Aristobulus and Salome, and he also beccame Emperor Nerva near the end of his life.

So, I am wondering, could Charles or someone else involved post what they feel were another one or two crucial recent revelations?

Thanks kindly, and everyone enjoy your summer; we have had two beautiful days in a row here in Toronto the Good!