Re: Lake Victoria’s falling waters

Thank you for you response Mei! I do agree with you in general, but I will stand by my feeling that "Where the Nile falls into the sea", actually described a time where the water level of the Med., was much lower than today. Scientists (geologists, etc.) have discovered an ancient channel of the Nile river that is about one mile deep! It is of course now filled in, but this channel had to be dug by the river at a time when the Med. Sea, was basically empty! It thus would have been a huge dry valley of immense proportions, and the silted in channel proves at least that the water level of this sea was at least one mile less deep than it is today.

Now I know that we are told that all of that happened millions of years ago. But a more recent drop in the level of the Med., has happened within the memory of man. This is seen all around the Med., and the other oceans of the world. Just think of the ruins now being recovered near Alexandria, in Egypt. They are found in water about 20 to 30 feet below current sea level. Curiously we have not heard a lot about them in a long while. But, as you might well know, this sinking of ancient Grek / Roman Alexandria is explained by subsicence of the land. But, other structures have been found near to the present coastlines in other areas of the Med.. Those off of the coast of Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Greece, Italy, etc. And various explanations have been proposed for each of them.

In a similar manner there exists numerous ancient sea ports, which now exist many hundreds of meters or miles from the sea. Examples are the ports of Ostia, Ravenna, Ephesus, and even Troy, etc. Again, scientists have proposed other explanations for these occurances other than a general lowering of the sea level itself!

But, I would like the quotation to stand upon it's own merit! IE, "Where the Nile falls into the sea!"



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