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I went back and looked at what was said in Acts 1 and an old thought popped up. Acts 1: 20-ish: "Desolate be his residence...(Most importantly:) ...let another man take over his charge."

This stuff has happened so much to me that I should have seen it earlier. If Book 3 is the ascension of Titus, Book 2 must be the "Pre-crucifixion" piece. Which means there should be a Betrayer somewhere in Josephus.

There is: Cestius.

Cestius is about to take over Jerusalem when he withdraws "for no earthly reason", as Josephus states.

He was bribed and when the double cross is discovered, it is too late. Cestius "falls on his face" in the valley of Beth-Horon and his guts spill out, he is broken in half - the 12th Legion is almost completely destroyed.

SO: The Acts one passage is concerned with the election of someone to become a general - for the "12th Apostle/Legion" - with Titus upon his return.

Agrippa 2, named "Barsobbas", "Son of the Father"?
Or Tiberius Alexander, named "Matthias"?

It turns out to be Tiberius Alexander.

BTW, this may not invalidate your post. The change from Book 2 of _War..._ to Book 3 is noticeable. Josephus, "Father of the Son" Justus, still points to a re-working of the early history that is being made up as they go along. "James the Justus", brother of Jesus, is just fine.



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