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Charles as I wrote above;

"I further suggest that it is possible that the item mentioned was in actuallity the "royal Orb!" or globe!, which looks like a censer! And perhaps the "ORB" was first and foremost in reality just a fancy censer! Note the 5th meaning of the word "Orb"; "a sphere surmounted by a cross symbolizing kingly power and justice!"

Thus the Royal ORB (misnamed a censer), is or was the perfect thing to give to a newly ordained KING!"

Your quote said;

""Among them were some personal ritual objects - two gala robes and a pair of gloves - similar to those later used by the Roman Catholic Church: 'The two garments, which I have chosen to call gala robes, recall official vestments of the character of priestly apparel, such as the dalmatic worn by deacons and bishops of the Christian Church, or by kings and emperors at coronations ... ""

While I do not have a copy of the inventory of items found in Tut's tomb, I would not be surprised if a fancy "censer" or "orb" was not a part of the regalia? Although its lack could be explained since as the symbol of power, it was passed on to the next (victim?) king!

Please note that the backs of the thrones upon which are depicted certain pharaohs are cross shaped! And, as you well know, I also see the evidence found in Tut's tomb, as evidence that Christianity was extant at this time, it is just that the dating of Tut is all wrong!

A whole lot of the evidence seems to point this way, the "censor" or "Orb", the symbolic garments, the crowns (our current popes / cardinals wear identical ones!, etc. All of these things point not to a proto christianity but exactly to the times of Christianity! Times not far removed from our own.

At least in my humble opinion!


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