Whole Lotta Switchin' Goin' On

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Eisenman concludes that the name Barsabas (Joseph Barsabas Justus) is an alias of James (the Just, bro. of Jesus) in the Book of Acts, and applied to him as the loser in an Apostolic popularity contest against Matthias. The Book of Acts states that the election was held in order to replace Judas Iscariot. In reality James won the right to lead the nascent Church in Jerusalem.

But what did James actually lose? The name Matthias takes on new significance now that it has been associated with Jesus (a.k.a., Matthias father of Josephus). Particularly, the Matthias that gets a vote of confidence in Acts may have in fact been Jesus himself, as a living Osiris/Matthias. (Matthias is synonymous with Hanan, a Hebrew epithet of Osiris). It also lends new significance to Judas Iscariot, because his place was special enough to be recompeted within the royal family. The implication is that Judas had very high standing, even that of an heir. (Incidently, the ruling Emperor, Tiberius, was a "Judas".)

Nevertheless, the rise of the line of Jesus to the throne had to wait until the coming (and going) of other "Messiahs", including Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespatian (Drusus son of Germanicus), Titus and Domitian. However, in retrospect the "glorification" of the line of Jesus (Aristobulus/Crassus Frugi) would have been seen as destiny.


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