King Tut and Holy Roman Ritual

Ahmed Osman writes in "The House of the Messiah" (pp 172-3):

"Howard Carter reported that he found a great deal of evidence in Tutankhamun's tomb that linked the contents to later Christian beliefs and practices.

"Among them were some personal ritual objects - two gala robes and a pair of gloves - similar to those later used by the Roman Catholic Church: 'The two garments, which I have chosen to call gala robes, recall official vestments of the character of priestly apparel, such as the dalmatic worn by deacons and bishops of the Christian Church, or by kings and emperors at coronations ... "

"The pair of gloves, according to Carter, were in a much better state of preservation, 'neatly folded, also of tapestry-woven linen. They were possibly intended to go with the robes (a Roman Catholic bishop wears golves when pontificating - also buskings, tunic and dalmatic under his chasuble) and are similarly woven with a brilliant scale-pattern and have a border at the wrist of alternate lotus buds and flowers'. ... There were also a number of ostrich feathers, recalling the flabella still used at a papal procession in Rome, such as witnessed in the Eucharistic procession of His Holiness the Pope in July 1929. These fans, like the pontifical flabella, were carried by gooms-in-waiting in Pharaonic processions, or were held beside the throne, and appear always on either side of the king or immediately behind him.' "

(Osman quoting from Carter and Mace, 'The Tomb of Tutankhamun', pp 123-6, 132)

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