Battle of Genesis 14
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Not having seen the History Channel special, it's difficult to comment, but we have concluded here that all of battles of the Bible involved kings and princes of the royal family.

Regarding Shem as the heir of Thoth/Lamech,

From the 4th tutorial:

"Lamech also has three leading sons. Jabal, 'father of tent-dwellers,' that is Semites, is the most senior son. He surfaces again after the Flood in Genesis by a different name, Shem the eldest 'son' of Noah."

From Chapter 4 of the book:

"Ham is not specifically cursed. Equally surprising, Shem, the favored son of Noah, is himself not explicitly blessed. More precisely, it is the god of Shem that Noah blesses. The reader naturally assumes that the god of Shem is Jehovah, but that was not strictly the case. In the Legend of Etana, we learn that the god of Shem was Shamash (a form of Thoth). We can also discern from that same epic something even more profound. Shem and his royal wife could not have children. Therefore, Nimrod was fathered by Cush on the behalf of Shem. By right and by choice, Shem became the legal and spiritual father of the first great king and tyrant Nimrod. For this reason, the Biblical author cleverly removes from Ham the curse and withholds from Shem a blessing."

Along these same lines, Abraham became the "Shem" of the Egyptian New Kingdom, and is even called "Shem-eber" in Genesis 14. Isaac, his heir, was produced for him by Abimelech. Nevertheless, in some circles Abraham was still considered foundered of that dynasty, even as Shem was earlier considered founder of the Old Kingdom.