The Shem-Sham Man

L. Agronicus,

"Power/Realm of Shem/Osiris" would certainly be an appropriate title for a Mesopotamian king. We've all too well learned that a good ancient name had many subtle meanings to many different hearers. I'm also now wondering if Sampsi- was related to the earlier Mesopotamian king names Shamshi- as in the five Assyrian kings named Shamshi-Adad; and Samsu-, as in Samsu-iluna and Samsu-ditana of the 1st Dynasty of Babylon. If so, the name Sampsi (-geramus) likely had solar (deity) connotations and connections to the god Shamash/Thoth. Recall that Shem was considered the heir of Thoth before being associated with the childless Osiris.

Pisono Popsicola
Ministry of Silly Names