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Allo Magdelena!

You quoted; "Flavius Josèphe tells that Helen gave this sampsera to Monobaze:

"So queen Helena complied with this counsel of theirs, and set up Monobazus, the eldest son, to be king, and put the diadem upon his head, and gave him his father's ring, with its signet; as also the ornament which they call Sampser"

Yes, I read the literature indicating a curved sword very like a scimitar, is reportedly called a Sampsera! But, you see by the very words of Josephus, that he or the translator uses the word "ornament" to describe the item! Why would Josephus, a warrior himself, and thus no stranger to swords, use the word "ornament?" The word "ornament" in a modern English dictionary, could mean in its "archaic" sense; "a useful accessory", or "something that lends grace or beauty!" Certainly a sword of any type, would first of all be described as such, and second would one think that a sword would "lend grace or beauty" to a person?

But a beautiful censer, highly engraved, of gold or silver, an "ornament" of which it is possible that Josephus was not familiar with?, would fit the scene and the definition!

Thus, I suggest that the definition of the word "sampser", maybe was mistranslated or misundertood by either Josephus or a later translator? And, I suggest that the word "censer" makes more sense, and is more correct for the circumstances!

I further suggest that it is possible that the item mentioned was in actuallity the "royal Orb!" or globe!, which looks like a censer! And perhaps the "ORB" was first and foremost in reality just a fancy censer! Note the 5th meaning of the word "Orb"; "a sphere surmounted by a cross symbolizing kingly power and justice!"

Thus the Royal ORB (misnamed a censer), is or was the perfect thing to give to a newly ordained KING!



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