Who got switched and when? *LINK*

Hello Charles and everyone.

I posted a puzzle on JM and since it involves names and families and Josephus and Caesar, I thought I might give the short version here and see if it made sense to see an answer. For those who recognize my stuff - - it won't be like a jump into a cold lake but for the others, well, skip down to the end.

"Now: Here is the puzzle. Suppose there was a story that was
dismembered and in this story, the survivor of the 4 BCE Temple
Atrocity was crucified at Caesarea in 8/9 CE and the bodies of the crucified were brought to the Temple by the Samaritans and thrown into the Temple. Josephus tells of the Samaritans and Matthew states that this is after the resurrection that the bodies left the tombs to walk.

We know - well, I claim to know - that Titus is switched/grafted
with the person who was "pruned". Titus meets at a Tribunal on or
about the Feast of Tabernacles and stays 3 days with his generals at
the Temple site, sacrificing as a High Priest would, feeding his
troops and celebrating his God given victory.

When we get to Acts 1, there are 11 disciples and:

Acts 1: 23 - 26:

"23. And they presented two, Joseph, who is called Barsobbas, whose
name is Justus, and Matthias.
24. And as they prayed, they said, "Lord, you know what is in all
hearts, show us one person that you chose from these two,
25. "That he may receive the lot of ministry and apostleship, that
Judas discarded to go to his country."
26. And they cast the lots, and it came with Matthias, and he was
counted with the eleven apostles.

Verse 23 gives Joseph, "Son of the Fother", whose name is the same
as Josephus'family line:

"This Matthias had a son called Matthias Curtus, and that in the
first year of the government of Hyrcanus: his son's name was Joseph,
born in the ninth year of the reign of Alexandra: his son Matthias
was born in the tenth year of the reign of Archclaus; as was I born
to Matthias in the first year of the reign of Caius Caesar. I have
three sons: Hyrcanus, the eldest, was born in the fourth year of the
reign of Vespasian, as was Justus born in the seventh, and Agrippa
in the ninth."

Further, in verse 24, the disciples "pray" to the lord who knows
what is in all hearts - obviously one of the emperors and the "lots"
are chosen, as if it was all to chance.

Somewhere in here is a matchup of who got switched and when. This
may be the beginning of the Apostolic Succession. Josephus' genealogy follows the end year of both Alexandra and Archelaus, his birth at the first year of Caius Caesar.

Who got switched? When? We have the Plan (The shifting of the High
Priesthood back to the Hasmonaeans in 4 BCE) which was appropriated
for the grafting symbology. On this view, Titus is using the Plan as an "excuse" to place his New Hasmonaean Line in place.

Do we now have the names of those who got switched? That's the problem.


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