Nerva as Joseph/Jupiter

The following page analyzes a mural showing Nerva facing the coquettish goddess Minerva as well as the god Mars. (Minerva and Mars are believed to be the offspring of Jupiter and Juno.)

Quoting from the site: "The head of Nerva in Frieze A is generally held to be the result of recarving Domitian's head, for whom the Frieze was originally carved. For the second sculptor, converting Domitian into Nerva presented technical challenges. Nerva has a longer nose and his forehead slopes back markedly. Aligning the tips of their noses, the second sculptor had to carve away a considerable amount of Domitian's forehead and chin. The end result is that Nervas head is far too small, his neck is too long, and his chin is too short."

Here are close-ups of the head of Nerva from the above web site:

The mural perhaps takes on a new meaning with the substitution of Nerva for Domitian. Domitian was patterned after Hercules/Horus/Joshua (after making his brother a Dionysos/Osiris/Eliezer). In contrast, Nerva was a Joseph figure, and associated with the god Jupiter (Ea/Enki/Ptah) himself.

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