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I confirm that Izates II died at the latest between 54 and 58 AD. I never studied this Aristobule III in my researches and I mistrust of Eisenman because he bases his researches on Moïse of Chorène who is reputed at historians to be a forger...

Sampsigeramus comes from "Sampsera" and that is a sword.

Flavius Josèphe tells that Helen gave this sampsera to Monobaze:

"So queen Helena complied with this counsel of theirs, and set up Monobazus, the eldest son, to be king, and put the diadem upon his head, and gave him his father's ring, with its signet; as also the ornament which they call Sampser"

I agree that the end of a king's reign doesn't mean necessarily that he died at that moment ;-)