A Very Fine Emesa We're In

Previously researchers have looked for Biblical characters on the fringes of society or only indirectly associated with the royal family. Typcially they only enter the world of royalty by coincidence or by "divine destiny". However, in order to solve this mystery we must recognize that ALL "movers and shakers" in the ancient world were from their births at the very center of the royal court. We found this to be true in Old Testament times, and nothing had changed before or during the New Testament era.

The authors of the new religious cult, Christianity, were not obscure figures. They were also much more than kings of remote regions on the periphery of the Roman Empire. They were at the very heart of the Roman world and held positions of power in Rome itself. We have been deceived by folk tales of the weak overcoming the strong, the foolish confounding the wise. The ancient world was not transformed by underdogs but by overgods.

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