Roman Name of Josephus, Take 3

Diane, you don't sound too sure, but yes that's the one! I was beginning to get a little worried. I was down to my last three clues:

7) His life was threatened and he was unjustly imprisoned. He was released only after the execution of those who conspired to kill the former king (Domitian), his predecessor. (Recall the story of Joseph who was joined in prisoned by a cupbearer and baker accused of poisoning Judah, the crown prince and co-regent.)
8) He was, politically speaking, a Flavian. (Josephus was an adopted Flavian.)
9) He was said to have died childless, but almost all of the emperors of the 2nd Century AD considered him to be their ancestor. (We must suspect that Nerva did have children, but under another name. Josephus had a number of children.)