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Charles, above you wrote;

"-Evander dies and blesses his heir Pallas. The name Evander ("good man") corresponds to Osiris and more specifically Osorkon IV/Esarhaddon, who died from illness. Pallas, an epithet of Thoth/Simeon corresponds to Siamun/Nebuchadrezzar, who was considered a political son of Esarhaddon along with Smendes/Assurbanipal."

It is interesting that in Wales, the name Evan(s) is the most common family name! Evan could easy become Ewan! Ewan could easily become Awan, etc. But considering the nature of the people thought to be the ancestors of the Welsh, which are considered to be the Celts (kelts), which some people consider to only be a word meaning "warrior", then these warriors (knights?)are vividly depicted by the annals of Caesar.

And Wikipedia says; "A Greek spelling Euandros was affected by poets to emphasize the etymology of the name, "good man." "

So, a "good man" in Wales, might be called a Ev = good and and-er = man- er!= Evander! See Isk-ander or Alex-ander/andros, as an example! Alex is thought to equal "defender?" and "ander / andros" to equal "man!"

So, a good man was also a good warrior? Was the "er" just lost over time?


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