Bon Appétit

Mystery Diners,

I'll be taking a break from the web site again this summer as usual. But there are a few dishes left to put on le menu.

1) More evidence linking Drusus (son of Germanicus) and Vespatian

2) Comparison of the scandal of Decius Mundus and the "Holy Birth" narratives of the Gospels

3) The Roman identities of Josephus

It's been another bountiful season of truffle hunting. Especially delectable has been the revelation that Near Eastern royalty (and more specifically the Hasmonean branch of the royal family represented by Alexander II/Julius Caesar and Antigonus II/Augustus), took over Rome rather than the other way around. We've also cracked the spaghetti code associated with the Roman "business of names". All of the etiquette lessons gained from earlier royal history have allowed us to blow away the steam of royal deception and start forking in that saucy Italian treat.

Chef (Cuisinier) Charles