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Your latest posts are excellent! Thanks!

As you well know, I like to fool with words, and especially names. Thus, you wrote;

"Haterius Agrippa is too close in form to Herod Agrippa to be ignored, although the precise relationship is unclear. Agrippa Posthumous (son of Marcus Agrippa) was supposedly put to death upon the succession of Tiberius in 14 AD. However, he perhaps was allowed to take on a new identity, that of D. Haterius Agrippa. Herod Agrippa I (although not likely the true son of Agrippa Posthumous) was of course a renowned spendthrift, and much to the disapproval of his elder brothers according to Josephus."

Interesting to me in the above, is the mention of Agrippa Posthumous! Besides getting "A-grippa" on ones self, it is the "Posthumous" part of the name that intriges me. Taking the word at it's face meaning, then he would have been called literally as "The Agrippa who was born after the death of his father, also known as Agrippa!" Is that not so? But, what if this word was used derogatorily instead of repectfully? Thus, his enemies might have known or at least suspected that he was born so long after the death of his legal (as in married to the mother) father that he must have been conceived by another man?

After all, we really do not have any indication of the legal father's age or health in the final months of his life. Of course, other than the funny name or pseudo-name that the son of Agrippa carried, we would not really know of the reason for it?

Could this be the case? And, if so, just who would be the most likely suspect?


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