Canaan and Egypt
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Hi Helge,

It is interesting that the Bible calls Jabin the "king of Canaan". I don't know if such a title is supported by archealogy, that is, I don't know if Canaan is ever considered a political entity. Jabin was perhaps an alias of one of the "Great Kings", and Canaan then to be interpreted as synonymous with the Egyptian kingdom.

I talk about Canaan and Egypt in Chapter 12 of the book:

It's not a convincing argument in and of itself. The conclusion that Canaan roughly overlapped with the traditional boundaries of Egypt is a spin-off from my overall model of the ancient world.

The idea that Canaan should include at least Lower Egypt was explored by Alessandra Nibbi. Her major books are listed on this web page.

Look forward to your comments on "Tempest and Exodus". I thought aobut giving the "book cover" of Archaeology & the Patriarchs a face lift. I asked my webmaster to give Akhenaten a gold tooth and some bling, but he couldn't bring himself to do it!