Re: Pyramid mystery solved, no humility required!

Feel wishy-washy on this whole matter.....two likely possibilities for original construction of the giza pyramids is (I) it was built by a predessesor culture long before the pharonic period for which we have only speculation (albeit compeling speculation) to go by.....or (ii) the resources and technology of the Old Kingdom were adequate for the task; the education system alone required to produce engineers and architects capable of such a project would have required tremendous economic resources (not to mention generations of experiences), but I am not going to beat that dead horse again....

Under the scenario where original constuction is of an older yet unknown origin...I had previously posted that the pyramid could have functioned as a survival beacon of that yet unknown culture...analogous to the OT Ark.....

If we are back with those wacky Old Kingdom eqyptians as the builders, I suppose that the pyramids fit the Babel story...the timing could be right....It is interesting to note that in the biblical story, the tower of babel was not built out of stone but rather out of a baked brick....that could be a different way of describing a form of "cement"....I always thought the story included a destruction of the tower...but it does not

All things considered....the probabilites seem to favor a much older original construction....only an opinion though.

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