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Money and gold are only symbols....They are a means to quntify the value of human and natural resources....its the quantity of human and natural resources that provides the limitations on economic production...which would include public works projects like the pyramids.....

It is certainly possible to develop an analytical approach which could makes some sense that 4th dynasty eqypt had the economic capacity to build the pyramids.....even under that scenario, it represents a big part of the wealth of that nation (given its size and age per our current best guesses)....more than anything else, the question is why....why would their leadership commit such an enormous part of its economic capacity to such an endeavor....what were there motives for building it in the first place and what was the function of the structure....I do not think I could ever buy into the theory that it was a monument to the king....although ego is a powerful force...not for me of course...all this humility of mine and nobody seems to notice !!!