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While I don't really understand the entire point of the site given to us by Issa/Jesus, I do appreciate the significance of the island site of a meteorite strike if the date of approximately 400 BCE is considered. And who knows how many other impacts were in the sea itself? Thus the tsunami effects may have caused further disruction all over this end of the Baltic?

But, I do appreciate the mention of Faro, merely meaning "the lights of home!" Certainly a seafaring people, who routinely went to sea to fish, etc., would look to the fires on there home land as a way to navigate home at night! It is certain that those at home may have had stratigically placed bon fires lit so that their sailors would have an easier way to navigate home in the dark. As anyone who has ever sailed at night knows, you quickly learn to recognize these patterns on land from the sea. Of course the visibility of those fires may only extend outwards about 12-14 miles, under the best of conditions, unless they are placed rather high! Thus the creation of raised light houses! The higher the better, at least to some extent. But the smoke from such fires, on a calm day, would even present a "pillar of smoke" by day, to quote a famous phrase!

And, when taking the sound alike theory further, there also exists the Faroe Islands, which had very high cliffs! And were at the centre of a passage into N. Europe or out to the Atlantic.



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