Re: Jesus Buried or Burned or Immolated?

It seems that all of the above discussion is really based upon the chance that some remains of Jesus might have been discovered, or to take the religious slant, that there were not remains to be found since the body was taken directly to the father and returned in the same form to appear before the believers! That is the rather simple explanation of the entire process.

But, do any of us accept the spritual process? Do we really believe the Biblical story? Or should we rather believe that the entire crucifiction story is a fake? Rather maybe we should believe that what ever happened to the "someone", that we today consider as the "messiah", is but a fictonal account of a real person who was not crucified but merely place upon a device more common to all of us today. That is, he was merely pilloried, or placed in a stock, much like the hero and anti-hero of Notre Dame? The blessed hunchback?

He was made "king" for a day! And then he was ritually ridiculed and reduced to nothing!

I tend to think that that person, if he ever existed, was much like Victor Hugo's anti-hero! A "king for a day" and a fool forever!