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Charles, you wrote;

"Per in Egyptian also means "House", as in Per-aa/Pharaoh, "Great House". This should cause us to suspect that Per-aa initially alluded to "Great Per(-ibsen)" as biological father of the dynasty.

Per is a variant of Pel, and more specifically, the Greek name for Japheth, Peleus. The root Pel is also found in the name of a later (Middle Kingdom) Joseph type, Peleg."

However, the etymology of Per and its relationship to Pha-ra-oh might be questioned?

In a book you might want to read, entitled "The Baltic Origins of Homer's Epic Tales", by Dr. Felice Vinci, is the following, which concerns the mention of Egypt and Pharos in Homer's "Odyssey."

Homer, it seems, places Pharos a long way and a hard sail from Egypt, the exact words of Homer are "long and difficult.", but since that place we today call Pharos is located but one half a mile from the mainland, the two cannot and have not ever been reconciled by any historian including Strabo.

Dr. Vinci places the real Pharos as the double of an island that exists today in the Baltic named "Faro Island!" He even goes on to state that the word "faro", in Italian, means "lighthouse!", thus the connection between the words might well be of N. European origin rather than Egyptian?

You should really read the book to understand his entire point! Certainly a large part of the information that has been given to us by Egyptologists for the last 200 years or so, was based upon to a large degree, by their familarity with Homer's works. Perhaps they tried too hard to make Homer look good?



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