Re: Memphis climbs up the Pyramid and falls!

Yes, some words said (I suppose) good naturedly, were turned back upon him! But typical of the press of today. It seems it may have also affected the refs, since Memphis was outscored by 21 points at the foul line!

But, just hoping to make our record more palatable to the voters in the polls, I am then going to pull for Ohio State in tonight's game.

After all it is not bad to state that you were beaten by the ultimate national champion! It happend to us before in 1985 in the final four against VILLANOVA!, where I listened to the game while in Garmish, Germany! And previously in 1972 when we lost to UCLA and Bill Walton in the championship game.

Maybe next year will be our year? Let's see, we are now 24 and 1, and if we win the first 24 next year we would be 48 and 1! Hey, that looks real good! LOL