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Dear Brent, you wrote;

"Yes a burnt stick of wood. As far as the age of the glyph(s) what is the significance of that question?"

If you had been referring to a piece of coal then the last part of the above might be considered an April Fool's joke? Since, I know of no evidence that ancient Egypt had access to coal, either foreign or domestic!

And, considering that this area seems to have been mostly barren of large forests, then the use of charcoal also seems to be something only the rich might use? I might suppose the most common form of fuel might be burning reeds, or dried animal dung rather than wood, charcoal, or coal?

Or, did they import charcoal from Lebanon or some other land rich in forests? After all, it is certain that they imported the "cedars of Lebanon." Maybe enough trees were washed down the Nile each year to provide a good source?

It has been reported that at one time or another, one group inhabiting Egypt burned books and/or mummies for fuel?

But, a "burnt stick of wood" is a good answer! Thanks!

Happy April,


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