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Charles, you wrote;

"Per in Egyptian also means "House", as in Per-aa/Pharaoh, "Great House". This should cause us to suspect that Per-aa initially alluded to "Great Per(-ibsen)" as biological father of the dynasty."

Good old Wikipedia says;

"Pharaoh was the ancient Egyptian name for the office of kingship. The term began as a reference to the king's palace, but the meaning loosened over the course of Egyptian history until in the late period it was interchangeable with the Egyptian word for king. Such rulers were believed to be the incarnation of Horus."

So, in essence, any words from the "great house" or the "place of the King" would stand for the place or person from whose utterances all things were known! Much like "it comes from God!", or the "King who is a God", etc., or "The God's Great House" or his words, etc. In such cases the simplest method or writing such a thing would basically be "it has been uttered from above", or "it has been ordered", etc., by the "great one" or the "living god!"

Thus "Per!", or Par, or Phar, or maybe even "pere?", or "perre" more exactly "our father?", or "the father of us all", IE the "living god!", or even "our Rock?"

You might just want to look up the word "peri" for even more interesting thoughts? Or even "perdu"/ "perdue?"

Anyway, for what ever it is worth, if anything?