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There are no opinions needed.

KM.T has been mistakenly written with vowels---kemet, kemit, kamit etc.

The ".t" is a feminine article denoting pluralty like the "aat" suffix in Arabic plural words or "yim" in Hebrew.

So there for the correct way to spell KM.T would be "KEM" with vowels.

The glyph for KEM is a burnt black piece of coal. So KM.T would mean t"The blacks/THE blackened(in a nation sense because of the ".t" suffix i.e NB.T(south of the first cataract) and PWON.T(land of the Gods)and RM.T(men)" in Hebrew "ham/cham/kham" means "to be burnt"

Here is an exerpt from: Worterbuch der aegyptischen Sprache:

Jmr kmt nb Dsrt nb: le chef de tous les pays noirs et rouges (asiatics)---"The chief of all black and red countries"

Kmtyw: les égyptiens par opposition aux autres peuples étrangers; les négres, les noirs---"Egyptians by opposition to the other foreign peoples; the negros, the blacks,

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