Japheth and Scandanavia

According to a 26th Dynasty record, Khufu had a daughter named Henutsen. Definitely resembles the common Nordic name Kenutsen/Kenutzen/Kneudson/Knudsen/Knudtson/Knuteson/Knutsen/Knutson.
At least a couple of Libyan dyansty queens were called Henutawy.

Peter Clayting defines Peribsen as "Hope of All Hearts". Sen in Egyptian (perhaps another or related root) is usually translated "man", as in the name Senenmut, "Man of Mut", or as I like to call him, "Mamma's Boy".

Ib is "heart", but hib is "ibis", symbol of Thoth

Per in Egyptian also means "House", as in Per-aa/Pharaoh, "Great House". This should cause us to suspect that Per-aa initially alluded to "Great Per(-ibsen)" as biological father of the dynasty.

Per is a variant of Pel, and more specifically, the Greek name for Japheth, Peleus. The root Pel is also found in the name of a later (Middle Kingdom) Joseph type, Peleg.

Not sure why I couldn't recognize the connection between Peribsen and Peleus/Japheth earlier. Might have been the identification by Peribsen with the god Seth (Perseus). This identification may have resulted from his success in Upper Egypt, the traditional domain of Seth.