Japheth and Imhotep

We discussed Iu-em-hept/Iu-em-hotep/Imhotep, who combined the attributes of Joseph/Ptah and Simeon/Thoth. Also mentioned was a "King's Son" of the early dynastic period called Menehpet and Old Kingdom queens name Iput. These persons were no doubt associated with the "House of Put/Japheth", however a convincing name for Japheth himself hadn't yet darkened my mind.

Peribsen definitely fits the bill though.

Peribsen (a.k.a. Seth-Peribsen) assumed the curious title: "Conqueror of Foreign Lands". He along with Kha-Sekhemy (Ham/Horus the Younger) subdued Egypt. In these two, "The Two Powers" (Horus and Seth) were said to have been "at peace". Peribsen is believed to have travelled/conquered as far as Aswan/Elephantine at the first cataract of the Nile. His biological son Horus-Aha/Scorpion and grandson Narmer/Huni established a base even further up the Nile.

A later Joseph figure, namely Yuya also took on a strong Seth typecasting, as evidenced in the Kings/Chronicles character of Omri.

Possibly as a "son" of Noah/Nynetjer, Japheth/Peribsen was also called Sened, but that isn't clear.

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