Japheth in Egypt (Revisited)

While we're on the subject of the early pharaohs ...

Some months ago it became obvious that the Egyptian identity of Japheth (of the Joseph type) was Peribsen.

Check out the etymologies below (from the American Heritage Dictionary:

Per (1)

Forward, in front of, around
first, chief,

extended form peri

Germanic/Old English per-ero/ fer(e)ra
far, farther away
Germanic fra
Away from

Greek peri
Around, beyond

Sanskrit pari

Old English framian
Avail, benefit,
Germanic framjan
to further,

Common Romance fromire, formire, fornir
to promote, supply, provide, furnish

Old Church Slavonic pramu
boat, as in “going forward” and “passage”
(Cf prow of a ship)

Compound pro-bhwo-

Growing well or straight

(bhw-o-, to grow; see bheu-) in Latin probus, upright, good, virtuous

Extended form preis
emperor, prince, principal

extended form preti


to lead
Old High German fuoren
to lead; Fuhrer

Germanic ferthuz , Old English ford
ford, crossing over
Norse fjordhr
Euphrates, “good to cross over”

Old English faran
to go on a journey (Cf wayfarer)

per (3)

“a bringing forth”, “offspring”

Per(4), pere

Emperor, parent


“to lead over”, “press forward”
Germanic feraz
Danger, in fear
Old English, faer, danger, sudden calamity
Extended form peri-ilo in Latin periclum, periculum, trial, danger, peril
Suffixed form per-yo
To try, learn by trying, experience, expert
Suffixed form per-ya in Greek peira, trial, attempt: pirate, empiric

Per (6)

To strike
Latin premere
Press, depress, oppress, repress




a share, part: parcel, parse, part


bha(1) shine
bha(2) speak, supplicate

bhe to warm, bathe, bake

bhei (1) bee
bhei (2) to strike

bheu to be, exist, grow, bondage, bound, cultivate, build, riches