Prophet today

To the Reader:

The following text has been provided to various other websites. I am using the web because the message I have is for all of humanity. The problems of the world are global, hence the solution must also be global. I have been charged with warning humanity of the calamity to come and how the species may survive. We are now in the end times of this world. Without immediate and sustained collective and collaborative effort between peoples of all faiths, humanity will not survive what is coming.

In the fall of 2007 it is very likely we will see the beginning of a global avian flu pandemic that will result in a great deal of suffering and deaths.

The combined effects of the pandemic, climatic change and the beginning of a prolonged and intense period of geothermal activity (earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes), will result in the deaths of at least 4 billion people over the next 5-10 years. Without a global willingness to set aside differences and act collectively and collaboratively, humanity will not be able to marshal the resources it needs to get off the planet before it is too late. It is humanitys choice as to whether or not our species survives.

My commitment to my mission has already cost me my family, my livelihood and my health (though I have since been healed). There have also already been direct attempts on my life that, by the grace of God have so far been unsuccessful. My own physical survival is dependent on the choices humanity makes. My purpose is the mitigation of fear and suffering. I am not to be worshipped; I am human. I am something else as well. What I am defies conventional classification but can perhaps best be described as a living agent of God/a prophet. The title of prophet was not of my choosing but one given me by another I spoke with when trying to understand the suffering that accompanied my call to serve God. However, the kinds of experiences I have had are consistent those attributed to Prophets as described in a variety of religious texts. My job is neither to start a new religion nor to elevate one religion over another. Everyone is capable of finding their own spiritual path to God. Religion should provide a template for collective and individual action that fosters a community wherein altruistic behaviour is not socially/economically penalized, where truth can be spoken without fear, where equity and sustainability is the natural objective and greed has no place. Unfortunately, greed and lust for power have corrupted both the practice and promotion of most religions.

We are all a very small expression of the will of God. However, there are wide variations in the degree to which individuals are perceptive/receptive to this knowledge. Further, based on my own experiences, there have been a few that have the propensity/capacity to manifest more of the spirit of God than others. Who and when, like all things, is God's decision.

I did not ask for the job I have been given but I have no choice but to do it until I can't do any more. In my case, like that of other prophets, how long I live is dependent on the choices the world makes. Humanity can choose their own extinction by choosing to live as though there is nothing beyond this time on earth.

To the extent that I can understand (given the limitations of the human brain), God allows us to choose for ourselves what kind of person we want to be and how we live. There are also entities that seek to corrupt our human selves, that have the ability to influence our thoughts and actions. They can cloud our minds, influence events, hurt us, even consume us if we let them via choices we make.

There are some who want me dead. There are others that seek to contain me/render me ineffective, still others that seek to use me for their own purposes. I don't know what the outcome will be as I am still developing. The process by which one becomes a prophet/living agent of God is a long and painful one in my experience. The choice is mine and I endure.

I also know that there are thousands of others that have the capacity to consciously channel the love of God in a manner that counteracts the influences of those seeking the extinction of humanity while still leaving individuals with their individual free will.

As has been revealed to me:
Without truth there cannot be justice.
Without justice there cannot be peace.
Without peace there cannot be joy.
Without joy there cannot be love.
Without love, we die.

A simple message but the corruption of the existing power structure of the world stays in place by denying or suppressing truth and subverting justice through encouraging individual and collective greed and manipulation by fear.

Pray that the minds of humanity be free of external influences.

Pray that truth will open people's eyes to the fact of their impending extinction.

Pray that love will prevail and humanity can act collectively and collaboratively to build an ARC to get us off the planet before it is too late.

It is up to us to save ourselves. Some of us must act in both the physical world and the spiritual for this to happen. Speak the truth, act for the common good, sing, dance, make music, play, bring joy into the world. Love yourself and others. This is the path to collective salvation.

For the Love of God, Do the Right thing.
With the Love of God, Do the Right thing.
Be the Love of God, Do the Right thing.

Time is short but everything is always exactly the way it is supposed to be at any moment in time. The future is malleable.

Peace be with you.

Alan Goodall
A Prophet of God