Colours and Egyptian art
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Since this is a friendly site, and I do mean to keep it so, I merely post this site as one place where your opinions (and the opinions of the so called experts that you consider to have garnered all of the knowledge on the subject) and some of my (non educated) opinions may meet, at least a little!

But, whether or not you would place any faith in the above site, it does mention certain things that both of us have written, and it is nothing more or less than those opinions you seem to believe. That is, all of it is nothing more than opinion! Educated opinion, yes!

But just because a number of "educated" men and women come to some agreement on what the significance of coulours meant 3,000 years ago does not make them correct! Only "generally" accepted!

It is more similar to a story I think was told by Kurt Vonnegut, where he was lectured about the meaning of his words. In essence, the point was that "experts" would determine what an author or painter meant by his/her words or colours, the painter's or author's opinion meant nothing!

So, with all due respect, we might just well agree to disagree, and as Charles so well said, we should keep race, or at least our understanding of the skin colour difference that exists from one human being to another human being of the same "human race", from interfering with our ability to understand each other.

Sorry about the "hand" reference!



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