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Jeff said to Diane:

Thanks also but I think the first picture is mis-labeled.

From left to right, the third person is, (as I believe) to be a Philistine and not Libyan.

Brent said to Jeff:

No, it is a Libyan in the late kingdom era i.e "TMHH.W" (TAMAHU) or "MSHWSH"(MESHWESH) is what they were called by Egyptians.

Brents new answer:

Yes, the ???? would be AAM.W(Asiatics)

Did Brent speak too quickly the first time & was Jeff correct all along?

New question:

The TMHH.W" (TAMAHU) or (TAMHU) equal Red people:

Tamh = hematite; reddish iron ore; ochre or pale yellow to red. pale yellow to red; and Phoenician means 'red haired' from the Greek word phoinos (blood red). The Greeks called the Phoenicians 'red men' either because of their sea-swept, ruddy complexions, or because only they provided the 'Tyrian purple' - the red-purple dye praised and prized through the ancient world.

Socould a Tamahu/Tamhu actually be a Phoenician?


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