Hey Charles (or anyone), what is your opinion of Sitchin's "Alien Hypothesis"???

I have searched some of your posts but did not find what I wanted.

I believe that anything is possible, but don't "believe" anything without solid proof. That being said, it seems to me that some of Sitchin's arguments make at least as much sense as the typical "religious" interpretations of much ancient data. His pictures of the Egyptian "ben ben stone" and some others of what look like a rocket are fairly impressive, if not conclusive. It also seems that Sitchin's ideas, however much they need to be modified, fit very well with your ideas.

I have never read any good arguments against Sitchin's alien hypothesis" (they may be out there, I just haven't seen them). Do you have any good reasons for thinking that he is flat out wrong on this? I am searching for reasoned arguments here, not just comments like "he's crazy," or "he just can't be right!" For instance, my opinion is that a planet with an extreme elliptical orbit seems a bit odd even though I understand his arguments for it. My guess is that Sitchin is on to SOMETHING, but is also missing something significant. Whether or not the alien part will stand, is up for grabs.

If this is not something that interests you, just say so (so I won't want to keep asking you about it!).

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