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Hi Brent,

I know it sounds confusing because three different web-sites give three different answers.

You had said Left to Right TMHH.W; NHHS.W; AAM.W; RMT.W which appears to be correct.

But said = From left: Syrian, Nubian, Libyan, and Egyptian.

And said = From left: four Libyans, Nubian, Syrian, and Egyptian.

And another said = From Left: Syro-Palestinians, Nubians, Lybians, and Egyptian.

The break down:

"TMHH.W" = Libyans, NHHS.W = Nubians, "AAMW" = Asiatics, RMT.W = Egyptian

Libyans, ("TMHHW", or Tamhu," a term for which several etymologies have been proposed European Tamhu (page 855a) = Red people: Tamh = hematite; reddish iron ore; ochre or pale yellow to red.

Nubians ("Nahasu," or "strangers");

Asiatics/Semites ("AAMW" or "Namu,": "travelers" or "wanderers," often used as "namu sho," or "people who travel the sands," meaning the nomads or Bedu/Bedouin

Egyptians ("Ret," or "men," often used as "ret na rom," meaning "we men above mankind");

So my question wasis your first answer still correct?

TMHH.W; NHHS.W; AAM.W; RMT.W or Libyan, Nubian, ???, Egyptian!


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